The EV Road Trip Across the USA Hosted by the GWRCCC

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GWRCCC) Hosts Electric Vehicle (EV) Road Trip Across the USA in DC WASHINGTON, DC- The Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition (GWRCCC), a public-private partnership of the Washington, DC Metro Area is partnering with Live Green to host a stop for the EV Road Trip Across the United States on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, at

New vs. Old Which Alternative Fuel Vehicle is Best For You?

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With the advancement of Electric Vehicle capabilities the use of hybrid and fully electric technology are rapidly growing. When Hybrid cars first entered the car scene in 1997, with the Toyota Prius NHW10 the thought of it has drastically changed with our environment changing every day. Where as the first fully electric car was introduced

What Will Be Your Next Electric Vehicle?

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In the upcoming times , the delivery system of electric vehicles will differ from the  current car dealerships. These vehicles  will be completely sold online with a restricted price in order to keep the manufacturing to consumer prices to a certain quota. Unfortunately this will be negotiated with a majority of any electric vehicles such


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