Message from our Executive Director – “The U.S. Needs More Electric School Buses”

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The U.S. Needs More Electric School Buses By Antoine M. Thompson                             A child rides a bus to school every day—the traditionally big yellow one that runs on diesel gas. Day in and day out, children are exposed to the fumes emitted

Untied States New Standard for Universal Charging Stations “Ultimate Charge 360”

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With the coming times, what will happen with the national charging network for EV vehicles? Recently their has been discussions with major brands such as GE, Ford and Tesla in creating a new standard for electric plugs. With the drastic change in infrastructure policies such as the Biden Bipartisan Infrastructure policy, law makers and big

The Next Frontier for Moving Cargo Across the United States

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Volvo is a company that's a multinational manufacturing corporation that is built on quality, safety and care for the environment. This week Volvo unveiled factory manufactured hydrogen power trucks with a 1000km or 621 mile range. This is a a great movement due to many manufactures are focusing on fully electric trucks, which would require


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