Washington, D.C. – The Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition (GWRCCC) is proud to announce the formation of the Community Energy & Environmental Justice & Inclusion (CEEJI) Advisory Group. The CEEJI Advisory Group will meet monthly with the first meeting occurring on November 15 at 1 PM.

Composed of influential community leaders, environmental activists, and public servants, the CEEJI Advisory Group is dedicated to addressing environmental disparities and advancing equity in the Greater Washington region. This group is committed to advancing environmental justice by fostering clean energy solutions, supporting workforce development, enhancing community engagement, conducting research and analysis, delivering technical support, and securing funding for clean transportation projects. These goals and objectives underpin the CEEJI Advisory Group’s mission to ensure that all communities within the Greater Washington region have equal access to the benefits of clean energy, sustainable transportation, and environmental resources.

The establishment of the CEEJI Advisory Group comes at a time when we’re witnessing an unprecedented focus on the adverse effects of climate change, particularly on Black, brown, and economically disadvantaged communities. These historically marginalized groups have disproportionately shouldered the burden of the rapidly escalating climate crisis. A striking 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States stem from transportation-related diesel emissions, not only contributing to more frequent natural disasters but also exacerbating health issues, including respiratory diseases and cancer.

In the Greater Washington Region, key transportation infrastructure such as highways, bus depots, and train stations tend to be situated in predominantly Black, brown, and low-income communities, thereby adversely impacting the well-being of our underserved populations. The CEEJI Advisory Group is wholly committed to advancing environmental equity and justice by tackling the reduction of diesel and gas emissions from the region’s transportation sector. Our aim is twofold: to improve health outcomes within the region while simultaneously reducing the nation’s carbon footprint.

CEEJI Advisory Group Members include:

– Charles Allen, DC Ward 6 Councilmember

– Deni L. Taveras, Prince George’s County Maryland State Delegate

– Zachary Parker, DC Ward 5 Councilmember

– Erica Bannerman, Energy Manager for Prince George’s County’s Sustainable Energy Program

– Leah Boggs, Senior Environmental Planner for Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG)

– Dennis Chestnut, Citizen advocate and Anacostia River community resident

– R. Denise Everson, Director of Sustainable Communities Project for ThinkBox Group, and Founder of E3 Connections

– Rev. George Gilbert, Holy Trinity United Baptist Church

– Jill Hamilton, President of Sustainable Energy Strategies Inc (SESI) and GWRCCC Board Chair

– Rev. Kip Banks, East Washington Heights Baptist Church

– Korey Neal, CEO of K. Neal Truck and Bus, GWRCCC Board Member

– Luis McDonald, Founder and CEO of AutoFlexFleet, GWRCCC Board Chair Treasurer

– Rev. Richard Meadows, St. Michael and All Angels Church and St. James Episcopal Church

– Ruby Stemmle, Founder and CEO of EcoLatinos

– Sheryl Ponds, Founder of Daitech Corp, GWRCCC Board Member

– William Washburn, DC NAACP Environmental & Climate Justice Committee Chair

Antoine M. Thompson, Executive Director of GWRCCC, emphasized the significance of the CEEJI Advisory Group and its multifaceted approach, stating, “It’s high time we ensure that underserved communities are part of the climate change conversation. The CEEJI Advisory Group is our step towards ensuring that the climate crisis doesn’t leave anyone behind. We’re committed to making real, long-lasting change and spreading environmental fairness throughout our region.”

Jill Hamilton, GWRCCC Board Chair and President of SESI remarked, “As the GWRCCC Board Chair, I couldn’t be more pleased with the formation of the CEEJI Advisory Group. Increased attention to environmental equity and justice was a priority in hiring Antoine Thompson and he has never failed to deliver. We expect to reap great benefits from the CEEJI Advisory Group’s work and leadership both in the region and nationally.”

For more information about the Community Energy & Environmental Justice & Inclusion (CEEJI) Advisory Group or the Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition (GWRCCC), please contact Antoine M. Thompson, at (202)-671-1580 or via email antoinethompson@gwrccc.org or contact Durrell Jones, GWRCCC Community Engagement and Outreach Liaison at durrelljones@gwrccc.org


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