With the coming times, what will happen with the national charging network for EV vehicles? Recently their has been discussions with major brands such as GE, Ford and Tesla in creating a new standard for electric plugs. With the drastic change in infrastructure policies such as the Biden Bipartisan Infrastructure policy, law makers and big companies are moving in creating a way for consumers to gain confidence in owning these vehicles.Currently Tesla has the market of over 80% of electric vehicles, where 80% of those owners are charging at home with a proprietary charging port. Many techno economist believe that a majority of charging will happen at home, but companies are pushing  by 2030 that there should be a network of 165,000 charging stations across the United States; in not only urban communities but also in rural communities. These charging stations will be located by apartment complexes, Universities and strategically public locations.  Currently there are only 55,000 charging stations across the United States, with this push companies have planed on investing over 30 billion dollars in order to successful market and create systems in which these vehicles can work on the current power grids. This new plug design will enable quicker charging times for vehicles, such as Tesla supercharger capabilities.  Individuals such as Yury Dvorkin, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and a member of the C2SMART Tier 1 Transport Center at NYU Tandon, says that “A key solution is public charging infrastructure, which needs to be high-wattage (to ensure high charging power and thus charging speed) and multi-stall (to ensure that many EVs can charge at the same time.”

To learn more about the Ultimate Charge 360 and conversations in order to create this interconnected charging grid  visit https://www.cnbc.com/2022/06/20/how-gm-ford-tesla-are-tackling-the-national-ev-charging-challenge.html for more information.


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