What are Greenhouse Gases and why are we so concerned about them? Greenhouse gases are a chemicals that are absorbed into our atmosphere, which absorbs heat and radiation. The issue with these gases is that they are retained in our atmosphere for thousands of years, which creates a thicker blanket around earth. In the retention of these gases it creates a hotter climate then in past years. Causing incidents like changes in weather patterns, such as storm serveries; rising tides in coastal areas, due to the ice caps melting in arctic climates; creating dryer climates, that contributes to more wildfires such as the ones happening in California daily.


Through recent discussions and polices, such as Biden Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal communities around the DC and the DMV area has also pushed new requirements and policies. On June 15th during a vote during the Regional Transportation Board, members agreed on making their goal to cut annual emissions from greenhouse gasses in half by 2030. They followed up on creating/adopting proposals such as “making half of newly produced cars electric or fueled by other carbon-free sources by 2030; building an electric vehicle charging network; completing a regional trail network to boost biking and walking; building 77,000 new homes around transit hubs; and cutting travel times on bus and rail; creating free public transportation to insentience the use of the new infrastructure being built. ”


To learn more about this discussion visit https://dcist.com/story/22/06/16/dc-emissions-cuts-2030/ for more information.


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