Volvo is a company that’s a multinational manufacturing corporation that is built on quality, safety and care for the environment. This week Volvo unveiled factory manufactured hydrogen power trucks with a 1000km or 621 mile range. This is a a great movement due to many manufactures are focusing on fully electric trucks, which would require a network of charging stations, which currently is not available. Where a hydrogen powered vehicle has the only requirement of being topped off by a pressured tank that are located at many service stations. The main focus of this movement is the speed at which cargo is transported on a long trip; the speed for a fully electric car is 45 minutes, where a hydrogen powered car would possibly be 1/4 the time. Thinking in the grand scheme a truck would most likely have a larger battery then that of a car so it is possible that a fully electric truck would take hours to charge, where as hydrogen trucks would still take up to 11 minutes to be topped off; similar to a regular fill up at a gas station.


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