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12 DC Water Trucks Receive DERA Grant to Run on 100% Biodiesel, June 2021

Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition was awarded a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant through the 2021 Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) program. In partnership with the DC Department of Public Works and DC Water, this grant will be used to support the purchase of 12 short-haul utility replacement vehicles equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction that will operate on 100% biodiesel. This project will retire 4 municipal short-haul utility vehicles and 10 municipal off-road, construction vehicles and replace them with 12 vehicles that will operate District-wide, throughout all 31 standard zip codes comprising Washington, DC. Included is a short overview of the proposed project’s timeline and implementation plan:

“Project  implementation will include: a) one (1) technical training for DC Water technicians and managers on  operation and maintenance of the Optimus B100 Vector Technology; b) two (2) or more multi stakeholder meetings with key civic leaders to: describe plans for replacing vehicles, address concerns  with the vehicle replacement process, discuss environmental justice and air quality concerns and benefits,  and co-design solutions to concerns identified and discussed; c) one (1) public outreach event promoting the project and B100 vehicles; d) two (2) promotion efforts by partners discussing project outcomes on  websites and social media feeds, other media outlets, and/or at strategic meetings or community events. The project’s emission benefits, calculated using the EPA calculator, are substantial due to petroleum use reductions arising from the use of B100 rather than Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (ULSD). Upon  successful completion of this project, DC Water anticipates continuing to replace vehicles across their  fleet with the goal of fully integrating B100 technology into all its diesel vehicles whenever the  opportunity is presented.”

GWRCCC worked directly with the DC Department of Public Works and DC Water fleet management to design this project, which replaces vehicles with lower emission B100 vehicles. Through this partnership, GWRCCC and DC Water will help the District reduce its petroleum consumption and meet its environmental goals for improved air quality.






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