The George Washington University will be offering full-time and part-time interdisciplinary graduate studies as part of their Environmental and Energy Management (EEM) program. Offerings include the EEM Master of Science degree or  the Greenhouse Gas Management Graduate Certificate.

The program is designed specifically for professionals in the environmental and energy sectors by providing advanced education across subjects central to the practice of environmental and energy management. All courses are offered in the evenings to enable students to pursue their graduate education without interrupting their professional careers.

Joe Cascio, Co-Director of the Environmental and Energy Management Institute, said “With the pending sea change in Federal environmental and energy policies, our program is receiving additional emphasis as a way to support the new directions of our Nation. We think our graduate program is extremely well situated to take advantage of the new opportunities that are sure to arise over the next four years”.

Although the program is in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Professionals do not need to have an undergraduate degree in engineering to be considered for admission. Those with undergraduate degrees in non-engineering fields related to environmental and energy management may apply.

For more information, please visit the EMM webpage or view the program’s brochures.


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