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Join GWRCCC for their pre-Conference on October 3, and the Annual Conference on October 4, 2023.

Join the Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition on October 4, 2023, at the Homewood Suites. Don’t miss…

  • EV/Alternative Fuels Vehicle Showcase
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Panel Discussions
  • Awards Luncheon
  • Exhibitors
  • Networking Reception

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2023 GWRCCC’s Pre-Conference Session Topics

Tuesday, October 3rd @1-5pm


Partner and Member Remarks

How to Maintain those EV Chargers 

According to industry data, on any given day over 20% of EV chargers don’t work. Who’s responsible for keeping the chargers working? What if my maintenance agreement expired? What if I never negotiated a maintenance agreement with my EV charging company? My EV charging company went out of business or transferred my agreement? Where do I find an EV charger maintenance company?

Presenter: Deedra Simmons, ChargerHelp

Moderator: Antoine M. Thompson, GWRCCC

Should I retrofit, lease, or buy new clean energy vehicles?

The are numerous approaches that fleet managers can take to green and clean their fleet that can save money. How do you determine if it’s better to buy, lease, or retrofit vehicles to reduce emissions? How do you balance the urgency to replace vehicles with the total cost of ownership, energy costs and challenges with the supply chain? Learn from the experts!

Presenters: Luis MacDonald, AutoFlex Fleet and Korey Neal, K. Neal Bus and Truck Center

EV Mapping Tools Training 

Many public and private sector leaders are trying to meet ESG and equity goals in EV related initiatives. Learn how to use the Argonne equity mapping tool for your EV projects. Participants will also learn about other local and national EV mapping tools and resources.

Presenter: Greg Bannon, AAA

Working with Utilities for EVs 

One of the biggest priorities in deploying and installing EVs and EV charging should be working with utility organizations regarding power capacity, upgrades, and reliability. This session is vitally important to anyone buying, using or deploying electric vehicles. Don’t wait until you order or purchase an electric vehicle to contact your utility company!

Presenters: Divesh Gupta, BGE and Allen Kennedy, Bethel Electrical Company | Clean Energy For You LLC

Moderator: R. Denise Everson, E3 Connections

Sponsor & Closing Remarks

2023 GWRCCC Annual Conference Sessions

Wednesday, October 4, from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Opening Ceremony

Champions For Alternative Fuels: Why Fuel Diversity Matters

The urgency to reach zero emissions in the U.S. is a priority for many local, regional, and national leaders. The panel will discuss why there are multiple paths forward using various fuels to make short and long-term reductions in greenhouse gases and emissions transportation in passenger, light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

Presenters: Jeff Clarke, NGVA and Paul Winters, Clean Fuels

Best practices for implementation of Clean School Bus Programs

The federal funding from Bi-Partisan Infrastructure has boosted awareness and created an urgency to reduce emissions from school buses in the U.S. Many schools districts’ transportation, building and facilities staff will hear from industry experts on planning, negotiating tips with bus and EV charging companies, and how to navigate the land mines of politics with the public, school boards, and management.

Presenters: Brittany Barrett, WRI and Ron Edwards, FCPS

Moderator: Luis MacDonald, AutoFlex Fleet

Transportation and Energy Equity Community Engagement Roundtable

Community, faith, business, and Civil Rights will share insights on Justice40, local and regional energy and transportations equity efforts, and why community engagement matters.

Presenters: Antoine M. Thompson, GWRCCC, Rev. George Gilbert, Dr. Shelley Francis, EV NOIRE, and Sajith Kumar, Chargerzilla

Moderator: Kelley Crawford, DOE

Exhibitor Hall Opens

Awards Luncheon

Emerging Technologies in Clean Transportation 

Transportation is evolving each day, and it’s difficult to keep up with all of the breakthroughs, new equipment and systems in the transportation sectors. Panelists will cover some of the latest and long-standing technologies that help meet your emission reduction, transportation goals and priorities.

Presenters: Harper Zarker, Gateway International 360, Geo Murickan, eMobility, and Ellis Chapman, Blossman

EV Zoning & Planning Training

Attendees will receive training on planning for EVs, including how to develop local laws and zoning policies that help accelerate EV adoption and deployment. You will learn some of the nation’s best practices for EV Zoning!

Presenters: Daphne Dixon, Connecticut Clean Cities and Robert Christopher, MWCOG

Biodiesel for your Fleet, DC did it, you can too!

The District of Columbia has received several national and regional awards for their efforts to reduce emissions by using biodiesel in their trash trucks, water trucks, street cleaners, and other medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Learn how they have cut emissions, improved air quality and become a national example for the deployment of biodiesel in public fleets.

Presenters: Maureen Holman, DC Water, Tim Fitzgerald, DPW, and Steven Sarfin, Optimus Technology

Moderator: Ezra Finkin, Chevron

Closing Panel

The Vision for the Future for Clean Energy & Transportation

Presenters: Morgan Ellis, DOE, Deron Lovaas, Department of Transportation, and Nick Burger, DC Department of Energy and Environment

Post Event Reception

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