Bridging the Funding Gap with Charging as a Service (CaaS)

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Learn how to bridge the funding gap with GWRCCC and The Mobility House.

Confirmer Speakers:

Michelle Howell manages accounts and partners for the K12 sector at The Mobility House (TMH). She helps K12 customers understand how charging and energy management can support rapid fleet electrification and emissions reductions, all at a lower cost than current related transportation expenses. Michelle has over a decade of experience in business development, project management, and partnership development in the renewable energy industry. Prior to joining TMH, Michelle was a Partnership Development Manager at Booster Fuels, assisting fleets towards electrification and transitioning to renewable diesel. Michelle was the leading Account Executive for over 5 years at SolarCity/Tesla for PV and BESS (Battery Energy Storage Solutions) for the K12 and F500 verticals.

Elizabeth Hughes is a Sales Engineer at The Mobility House (TMH). Elizabeth is focused on helping customers understand our products unique advantages and creating understanding regarding how they solve challenges. Prior to TMH she worked at General Electric including various positions with their power grid division focusing at the point of intersection between the commercial and technical realms.

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